Bryant Salcedo

Renowned pickleball instructor with countless lessons under his belt and online instructor.
  • Former top 10 nationally ranked junior tennis player through the United States Tennis Association (USTA)
  • Has played tennis play at the professional level
  • Held top position at Vanderbilt University 
  • ​Certified Professional through Professional Pickleball Registry (PPR)

Pickleball Background 

Bryant has had a racquet in his hand from a young age (6). His inspiration came from his mother who loved Andre Agassi. He became an elite tennis player and competed at the professional level.

Not long after his college career at Vanderbilt University, he discovered Pickleball and fell in love with the fastest growing sport in America.

His journey started by playing with other elite players and family who play at a competitive level. As his game knowledge and experience grew, he began to teach others the basics of the game and how to construct a point strategically.

Over the past couple years, he has gone all in on helping players up their level on the Pickleball court while having fun at the same time.

Coaching Career

Bryant has taught countless lessons where he has honed his skills as an in-person instructor and eventually shifted his focus to the online community.

He earned the prestigious certification of Certified Professional through the Professional Pickleball Registry.

In 2022, he was a co-founder of Performance Pickleball Training where he started his own online training program called the Perfect Paddle Sequence where he helps Pickleball players eliminate shot confusion, improve court positioning, and put themselves in the best position to win each point they play.

Members say Bryant is one of the most likable - and easily relatable - instructors and that Performance Pickleball Training has helped their game get to the next level.

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